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Computer Technology

A PFC--sponsored technology program, lab, and instructional support are provided. Weekly instruction with the classroom teacher for grades K–5 is scheduled. Instruction includes technology concepts provided through grade-level appropriate content.

In addition, all teachers in grades K–5 have support of a technician to keep the classroom computers and printer(s) up and running and to assist teachers with a technology center in the room. Teachers in K–2 may sign up for lab time to provide their students with regular use of the lab.

These programs are provided through PFC fundraisers, donations, or school improvement money and other state funding. A technology team oversees the implementation and improvements of the technology plan.

Internet access is available in the Library/Media Center and the computer lab. Students, staff, and volunteers must sign a district user agreement in order to use the Internet. Inappropriate sites are blocked, and students are supervised when using the Internet.