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TK & kinder registration 

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Incoming TK/Kinder Survey


To begin the registration process all students need to be enrolled through Aeries Online Enrollment


Students born between 9/2/2016 and 12/2/2016 are eligible for TK.  Students born between 9/2/2015 and 9/1/2016 will be registered for Kindergarten. (Students born between 9/2/2014 and 9/1/2015 will enter 1st grade, even if they have not attended Kindergarten.)

 The following documents must be uploaded to the Aeries Online Registration and bring original copies to your appointment as well as a print-out of your AIR registration:

       1. Parent ID

       2. Address verification documentsclick link for acceptable documents

       3. Original birth certificate of student or passport

        4. Copy of Immunization Records  


Once you have collected all necessary documentation, call the office to set up an appointment to finish enrolling your student. 925-672-4840

Your student will not be completely enrolled until all documentation is brought to the office.

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