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925-672-4840  x84549


Daily Bell Schedule

M, T, W, Th ~ 7:40-2:15

Recess ~ 9:15-9:35

Lunch ~ 11:25-12:00

Recess ~ 1:15-1:25

Wednesday ~ 7:40- 12:25

Recess 9:00-9:10

Brunch ~ 11:00-11:20



PE, Library, & Music

Monday ~ Computers, PE, Music

Wednesday ~ Computers, PE

Thursday ~ Library

Friday ~ PE


Monday ~ Music is from 1:45 ~ 2:15  If you pick up your child from the classroom, please pick him/her up from the music room. 

Thursday ~ Library is from 1:45 ~ 2:15. If you pick up your child from the classroom, please pick him/her up from the library. 

Helpful Links

Clever ~ Iready reading and Math Lessons, AR tests, Mathzor, Splashmath

Mathzor ~ Practice your addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You can also compete against other students that are logged in. 

Moby Max

Academic Skill Builders ~ Practice your math facts by competing against your friends or other online users. You can also practice language arts, geography, and your typing skills.

Epic ~  class code QEP0133 ~ Build your own personal library based on your Interests across all curricular areas. 

Splash math ~ Math ~ Practice math skills in all areas of math

IXL ~ Math

Lexia ~ Reading ~ Coding fun! ~ class code CWYGYK

Prodigy ~ Math practice

AR Book Finder ~ Reading ~ This website help you find leveled books at you individual level

Typing Program (BBC Dance Mat) ~ Learn how to type with this free program.


Wonders Our Language Arts Program


Spell-a-thon words Spell-a- thon is in November


2nd Grade Supply List


PFC website

Mt. Diablo Elementary website

MDUSD website


Academic Calendar 2018 ~ 2019



Katrina Reyes

Welcome to Room 13 ~ 2nd Grade

2018 ~ 2019

Amazon Wish List

Donors Choose


Check out our class Projects! 


Chromebooks to Engage, Inspire and Create!


Donate if you can! 

Remind and Class Dojo

These are the ways I communicate with you. You can also email me. 

Please sign up for REMIND. These are text alerts.This is one of the main ways I communicate messages and changes to you. You can also message me through Remind. Please don't miss out on important updates and reminders. You can sign up any time by texting the number 81010 to @msreyes to receive the latest news, including when I update my webpage. 

Class Dojo is part of my class management system.The students love it and I feel it is positive and highly motivating! They love the dojo shop! 

Weekly News


May 27-31, 2109


We are in need of some pump hand soap and antibacterial wipes to get us through the last 7 days. If you can help, it is greatly appreciated!



Spring pictures or money are due. I am still missing 10. Please get these in or pay for them. Thank you!



is THIS Thursday and Friday! We need two more people to sign up to make the fruit salad and more people to help on Friday. Thank you so much to all who have signed up to help.

No ore Spelling tests. 

No more homework, other than reading each night. :)



Wednesday May29th, I will need as many parents as possible to transform our classroom into Kenya. I have pictures to help. We will start at 12:30 and end when we finish. :)  Hopefully not more than a couple hours. The more parents that help, the shorter the time will be.  

Thursday, each classroom will experience their own country. We need help from 12:00-1:15. Friday, May 31st, your child will travel to 4 more countries throughout the day. This takes all day. The teachers travel with their class,  so we need at least 5 parents to run our classroom. I need a parents to welcome travelers, stamp passports, read a story, make and serve food, and run an art project. I will model this on Thursday morning for our class and will need some parents to help that day. You can work part of the day or all day on Friday. From 1:00-2:00, I will need parents to clean up.

Thank you!






Reading 20 minutes per night = 100-120 minutes per week = 400-480/month = 4000-4800 one the course of the school year. It makes a huge difference in vocabulary, phonics, comprehension and fluency! 



Here is a great way to practice math facts. 

Get a deck of cards. Take our the face cards (jacks, queens, kings)

Decide what fact you'd like to practice (+1,+2,+3, -1,-2)

Put that card down face up. Keep the rest of the deck in your hand. 

Flip a card over and pace it next to the card you put down . Add the fact together. 

If you said the fact fast (less than 3 seconds), put the card in a a pile. If you hesitated put the card in a second pile. If you got the fact incorrect, put the card in a third pile. 

When you have gone through the whole deck of cards, pick up the hesitation pile and the answered incorrectly pile and go through them agin. 

Then change your number fact card you want to practice and do it again.


10 minutes a night = 50-70 minutes/week = 200- 280 minutes a month = 2000-2800 minutes  over the course of the school year. It adds up and makes a huge difference! 



























    Items we Need in Room 13


    Amazon Wish List




    Read daily for 20 minutes





    Scholastic Book Club

    Scholastic online ordering

    If This Is Your First Time Ordering Online:

     REGISTER at

     ENTER the Class Activation Code  GWD3F

     SUBMIT the order by the due date listed on the website

    Upcoming Events



    May  29th International Day Set up 12:30 - its set up. The more help we get the faster it goes. We can not do International Day with out parent help. 

    May 30 - International Day for our class (12:00-1:15PM)

    May 31 - International Day (8:00am-2:00pm)

    June 5 - Last Day of school