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About MDE


Mt. Diablo Elementary 2023-2024

The Mission at Mt. Diablo Elementary is to educate all students to the highest level of academic achievement, to enable them to reach and expand their potential. Mt. Diablo Elementary strives to create an accepting, inclusive, and welcoming environment where students and staff are responsible, ethical, creative, and compassionate members of society.

Mt. Diablo Elementary will incorporate academic standards in a culturally responsive manner and place an emphasis on supporting the social, emotional, and cultural needs of all students. We will inspire our students and staff to be the best they can be and support differentiated learning and a mindset to think critically in order to develop a sense of efficacy. All members of the school community are valued, safe to express themselves, and are actively involved in the initiatives happening at our school.

Single Plan for Student Achievement

GOAL #1: All students at Mt. Diablo Elementary will achieve typical growth in Language Arts on the goals set using the iReady diagnostic by their third trimester of the 2023-2024 school year. Students will utilize their skills and knowledge through a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts consistent with the Common Core State Standards.

GOAL #2: All students will increase their fluency in basic number sense and sequencing as measured by mid-module and end of module assessments using the Engage New York Curriculum. Students will show growth in math concepts and topics that meet the academic needs of students as outlined in the Common Core State Standards.

GOAL #3: All community members will feel welcomed and supported by fellow students, families, and staff, shown by at least 75% positive climate survey results by May 2024. Mt. Diablo Elementary community will have access to information and initiatives on campus. Families will play an active role in the educational opportunities for their students.

GOAL #4: Mt. Diablo Elementary devotes resources and training around culturally responsive teaching for our staff. All students will have the opportunity to experience quality education in a safe, joyful, and engaging classroom. The entire school will be encouraged and taught to engage in positive behavior through school wide assemblies, Positive behavior Interventions and Support training, and a healthy reward system.

To access the MDE Family and Student Handbook, click the link below: