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Prep Day 2018-19

2018–2019 MDE Prep Day Information

Welcome Back!!



August 9th from 3pm-6pm.

August 10th from 9am-12pm.


Location:  MUR


As you enter the MUR, you will be given the current emergency contact card for your student(s) that are on file with MDES.  You will be asked to review and revise them, then place your initials on them even if you just recently registered your child at MDES.


After going through all of the stations, you will reach the “Office Assignment Station” where you will give your initialed emergency card(s) and receive your students’ teacher and classroom assignment.


Only parents or legal guardians will be allowed to pick up students’ classroom assignment.  No written notes authorizing another to pick up your students’ teacher and classroom assignments will be accepted.  No Exceptions. 


If the parent or guardian will not be available during the Prep Days and times, they will need to come to the school office beginning TBD where they will be asked to review and initial their students’ emergency contact cards to receive their students’ teacher and classroom assignments.


The Office Staff will not be addressing any concerns regarding your students’ assignments.  Thoughtful consideration was given by our teaching staff to each student, as they were placed in a class.  We ask that your child go to their assigned class for the first two weeks of school.  If concerns are not alleviated, then contact your student’s teacher for a conference.


Registration of students will not be accepted during Prep Day Events.  If your student is not registered at MDES, you can come to the office between 8:00 – 11:00 am and 1:00 – 3:30 pm, beginning TBD to pick up or turn in registration packets.


Why: At Prep Day you will receive your child’s classroom assignment and learn about the exciting events the PFC has planned for next year. You can also find out about community activities and opportunities for volunteering. And if you were bored all summer you can see old friends and get excited about the new school year!



Q: Can my friend pick up our teacher assignment if we can’t attend Prep Day?

A: No. Each family must confirm their student’s Demographic Information, emergency contacts, and turn in their Emergency Release and Student Disaster Release forms in order to receive the teacher assignment.

Q: How do we get our teacher assignment if we cannot attend Prep Day?

A: Please bring the aforementioned documents to the front office anytime between August 20th and August 25th. Teacher assignments for 1st-5th grade will not be given out prior to Prep Day.

Q: Why do we have to keep filling out the same forms over and over again?

A: We know it may seem like that, but we appreciate your patience. This year you are only filling out two different Release Forms per student. At Prep Day you will review the Demographic Information form and only make changes if necessary.  You will also have the option of purchasing Spirit Wear and/or contributing to the MDE Ed Fund and the All-in-One Form will serve as your receipt for your tax-deductible donation.

Q: Why do you need these forms?

A: The Student Demographic Form is how MDUSD communicates with families. It contains your personal contact information should the district need to contact you AND vital medical information for your students should they need assistance while at school. This form is not available online, but you will review the contents of the form at Prep Day, and either initial that nothing has changed since last year, or make the necessary changes directly to the form.

The Emergency Release form goes hand in hand with the Student Demographic form. This form provides the opportunity for parents/guardians to list more detailed information about the health history of the child and authorize MDUSD to seek emergency medical treatment for the student should the need arise.

The Student Disaster Release form is important for the safety of the students and Mt. Diablo Elementary School’s comprehensive disaster response plan. This form is site specific to MDE and we are committed to continue our work with the Safety Committee to make enhancements to the plan.

The All-in-One Form is a carbon copy form that allows you to pay for anything PFC-related at Prep Day. Your copy can serve as a tax receipt.