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5880 Mt. Zion Drive
Clayton, CA 94517
Phone: (925) 672-4840
Fax: (925) 673-9723

Office hours: 8:00 am - 3:30 pm

Office Procedures

School Visitors

District policy states that all visitors must check in at the school office and wear a visitor badge while on campus.

No visitors, including parents or district personnel, may go to the classrooms or other site locations without first checking in at the office.

Delivering Items to Students

Occasionally students forget a lunch, notebook, report, instrument, or other important item. To minimize classroom disruptions, please do not bring these items directly to the classroom.

  • Please bring lunches to the MUR, and place them on the table marked "Forgotten Lunches" (children should check this table on days they forget their lunch).
  • Please bring other items to the office. Tell your children that, if they forget an item, that you will drop it off in the office for them. They can retrieve it from the office during the day.

Messages to Students

We request the cooperation of parents in limiting messages to students to emergency situations. Messages that must be delivered will be placed in the teacher’s box to minimize classroom interruptions. Teachers typically pick up materials from their boxes before/after school and during mid-day breaks.

Please establish a routine for picking up your children - make sure they know who will be picking them up and where to meet. If you have an emergency change of plans, please call before the bell rings at 2:15. It is very difficult to catch kids with a late change of instructions.

Lost & Found

Clothing and other items are picked up daily from the playgrounds and cafeterai and deposited in bins in the MUR. If your child has lost an article of clothing, please check the bins.

Unclaimed lunchboxes are placed on the clearly marked  "Forgotten Lunch" table at the back of the MUR.

All unclaimed items are donated at the end of every month to a charitable organization.

Please label your child's belongings with their full name!