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Arrival and Departure


Students should arrive at school no earlier than 7:45 a.m., 15 minutes before school starts. Whether students come to school by car, bicycle, or foot, they are expected to follow the 15-minute rule. Supervision begins at 7:45 a.m.

Drop off and pick-up procedures and a map can be found here.

  • The new system is designed to alleviate congestion and increase our children’s safety; please be patient and make it work!
  • If you have children in multiple grade levels, please choose one drop-off/pick-up point for your whole family.
  • If you need to park at drop-off or pick-up time, remember that the bus lane is now on Mt. Zion Drive in front of the school and you will not be able to park there. 


We respectfully request that parents wait quietly for students away from all classroom doors and hallways until the dismissal bell rings, as teaching and learning are in progress. Parents may wait in front of the school, in the MUR, or under the covered table area starting at 2:15, M,T,TH,F and at 12:40 on Wednesday.

Students must leave the campus when they are dismissed unless there is an activity they need to attend that starts immediately after school. They may return to school for activities which take place later in the day. Students who are not picked up 15 minutes after dismissal are unsupervised.

Parents should instruct their children to report to the school office in the event that they may be uncertain of anything at the dismissal time.